Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the Da Vinci Code and it's lebanese fan!! the great nation

what a cultivated nation!!!!
what a great progessites and secular nation!!!

everybody read the Da Vinci Code and what bothers most is that everyboy says that it's a magnificent book!!!
just check the hi5.com. i noticed a girl who's 16 years old and it's one of her favourite!! 3an jadd niyelna.
it became a fashion.....the Da Vinci Code...if it's not your favourit book then you are out of fashion...
i bet if i go on the TV and say " jesus had a beautiful girlfriend" i think i will re-unify Muslim and Christian ( like they did on refusing the civil marriage)!!
common people why we can't just be simple...
sometimes i think that the best seller in leb is the Da vinci Code!!!! but guess what??
it's not allowed to be sold in lebanon..........
lebanese are book fighters....
khallas ba2a.....ana i never read it!!!


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