Tuesday, January 17, 2006

let's get rid of hizbollah

does lebanese majority agree on their duty of freeing jerusalem?
does lebanese majority beleive that " mazare3 sheb3a" are lebanese?
does lebanese majority beleive that hizbollah is the ultimate protector of lebanese souverainty?
well to all these questions, the majority would say a very big NO!!!
NO to Militias like hizbullah!!
God, your party loosing credit!!
i think we are fed up with these speeches that only led us to poverty...
NO for hizbullah weapon!!!
but since i'm moving to perfection, who said the majority must be always right??

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Abdulhalim Khaddam....a bet like the Hajj ceremony

Redemption for politician!
this is what i was seeing in 2005
politician with hands covered by blood, stolen money, human tagedy....etc are seeking for REDEMPTION.
but from who?
God, almighty God? let them go to their religious ceremony if that, but they don't!
people, their people? what did they give them back? nothing
progress, crucial progress for their nation? did they ever talked about changing the corrupted regim and constitution? well no.
what are they looking for??
what i can see, nothing is promissing. for politician, people's life is a bet in which they loose nothing!!
what a nice poker game when you can play your game with others money..
YES, if anything bad occurs, world nation would welcom them, their money would make them live abroad so happy, did we forget the 1975-1990 period and who paid the price?
what did Khaddam 2 days ago is great for me, and for the lebanese, i think he paid some of his debt back,
what i hope it's truely a redemption, not another bet with others assets.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the Da Vinci Code and it's lebanese fan!! the great nation

what a cultivated nation!!!!
what a great progessites and secular nation!!!

everybody read the Da Vinci Code and what bothers most is that everyboy says that it's a magnificent book!!!
just check the hi5.com. i noticed a girl who's 16 years old and it's one of her favourite!! 3an jadd niyelna.
it became a fashion.....the Da Vinci Code...if it's not your favourit book then you are out of fashion...
i bet if i go on the TV and say " jesus had a beautiful girlfriend" i think i will re-unify Muslim and Christian ( like they did on refusing the civil marriage)!!
common people why we can't just be simple...
sometimes i think that the best seller in leb is the Da vinci Code!!!! but guess what??
it's not allowed to be sold in lebanon..........
lebanese are book fighters....
khallas ba2a.....ana i never read it!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Myself,me and the very next to me

my friends keep telling me: " stop changing opinion!!" sometimes it becomes an accusation!!
well my continuous answer was "one constant thing in my life is change"
is this right??
is this a high self-critic? or just missing a personality!
management expertise call me a high self monitoring person, others say i'm machiavelli!!
i have to admit that i'm a very ambitious man, but do i really beleive that the ends justifies the mean??
i have to say.....
knowing myself is more difficult than know the future...for me
any comments???

Sunday, December 25, 2005

how do we change

i've been always wondering about a lot of things, their existence, the way we preceive them, but mostly about the inner progression of any human being and how aware we are in this metamorphosis.
but what are the tools?? the way? times? feelings...etc
lately i was trying to answer these questions.